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Gemstone - Emerald


 Emerald is the stone of green colors having different shades, light green, bottle green, petal green. This is the stone of planet mercury. This is very precious stone. But one should buy it or wear it very carefully as rough stone creates very bad effects. Whenever one buy emerald one should be careful about its clarity but every emerald has net and does not provide clear look even it is costliest stone but net  will be there. If stone is totally crystal clear with good shine that will be substitute of emerald not pure emerald. Whenever one buy emerald one should have laboratory test of the stone.

Mercury is the planet which gives wisdom, cleverness, good marketing skills, sharpness of brain, worldly wise and very practical attitude towards the life. Virgo or Gemini person use to be very intelligent, clever and have practical attitude towards life. These person use to be very good mathematicians and having very good business skills and use to become student of MBA and other applied sciences. This planet is responsible for good communication stream, having property of printing, article writing and contact with Moon creates comedians.

The person who has Aries, Cancer and Libra should not wear emerald without prescription of astrologer. Placement of planet Mercury will be very important while prescribing emerald otherwise it will gives impotency, nervial disease, hernia etc.

One should wear emerald of 5.25 Carat in gold on Wednesday in little finger of right hand within one hour of sunrise.



The views and predictions in this article are of the astrologer Anita Nigam. Anitauniverse.com and Anita Nigam do not undertake any responsibility for the correctness or accuracy of the predictions. Anitauniverse.com and Anita Nigam take no responsibility for any monetary loss by any one from bets/gamble based on these predictions. The Astro-analysis above is of non-commercial use.

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