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GemStone - Red Coral


 Red Coral is the stone of planet Mars. This is fiery planet which brings courage, enthusiasm, aggression, higher level of confidence in the person. It use to be known for bravery, agriculture, land and revenue, arms, missiles and other explosives.   Mars is malefic planet. If Mars position is not good even then this become very cruel and brings very harsh events in the life. Malefic Mars creates criminals, terrorist, thief, robbers, kidnappers, hunters etc.

If Mars placed in good position creates Kul Deepak Yogas in the horoscope and provides good fruits to the human beings. If Mars is well placed and also in good position in horoscope this will provide higher level of crops, agriculture lands, real estates, doctors, mechanical engineering industries, hotels etc. This is red in color. There is two types of Corals one is red and other is white.

One should wear Red Coral of 5.25 Carat in Gold in ring finger of right hand on Tuesday within one hour of Sunrise.

Person having Leo, Aries and Cancer Lagna can wear this stone but analyzing placement of Mars and its degree is very essential. So, this should not be weared blindly. Without proper consultation it is strictly restricted. Otherwise consequences will be harmful as you have to face court cases and heavy blood loss in any form.



The views and predictions in this article are of the astrologer Anita Nigam. Anitauniverse.com and Anita Nigam do not undertake any responsibility for the correctness or accuracy of the predictions. Anitauniverse.com and Anita Nigam take no responsibility for any monetary loss by any one from bets/gamble based on these predictions. The Astro-analysis above is of non-commercial use.

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