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Gemstone - White Sapphire


 This is the stone for the planet Venus. This is the property of Venus, White Sapphire.  Venus is the planet represents Dataya Guru or Teacher of Devils and Demons. This planet also represents love, love affairs, affaring relationship, sexual pleasure and entertainment, luxuries, higher level of prosperity, glamour and glittering, finer decoration with tempting light arrangements, light and sound, music vocal and instrumental, dance, beauty and its products, electronic media and communication and very fields of materialistic and luxurious world etc.   There are different forms of diamond. First Quality- It creates white light and Aura will be brittle and bright and it is fruitful for knowledgeable person and person related to music and fine arts. Second Quality- This creates reddish prism. This is useful for army men and policemen and person related to security services and known for bravery and dynamism. Third Quality- it creates Greenish shadow. This is useful for people related to business world. Fourth Quality it creates Blueish Rays.  This is useful for people related to art and craft and useful for manufacturer of art and craft products, mechanics, electronic items. Any type of Diamond should not wear without consultation especially in touching form. Diamond is fruit able and harmful too. If Diamond does not suit wearer then wearer can do serious mistakes and person pass through such aggression that he will move towards offense and crime. 

Person having Lagna Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius should wear Diamond as Diamond is very fruitful gem for all sorts of success and prosperity.

White Sapphire should be weared in White Gold (Platinum) in Middle Finger of right hand of 5.25 Carat on Friday within one hour of sunrise.



The views and predictions in this article are of the astrologer Anita Nigam. Anitauniverse.com and Anita Nigam do not undertake any responsibility for the correctness or accuracy of the predictions. Anitauniverse.com and Anita Nigam take no responsibility for any monetary loss by any one from bets/gamble based on these predictions. The Astro-analysis above is of non-commercial use.

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