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WAR like Situation over India - May 2013
Astrological Analysis on India and a possible threat of War like situation on India in the month of May 2013 by its neighboring country.

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Will World end on 21st December 2012
Astrological analysis on the huge anarchism around the world that this “World will end on 21st December 2012” and there will be no life.

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Gemstone - White Sapphire
This is the stone for the planet Venus. This is the property of Venus, White Sapphire. Venus is the planet represents Dataya Guru...

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Gemstone - Emerald
Emerald is the stone of green colors having different shades, light green, bottle green, petal green. This is the stone of planet mercury....

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GemStone - Red Coral
Red Coral is the stone of planet Mars. This is fiery planet which brings courage, enthusiasm, aggression, higher level of confidence in the person.

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Gemstone - Pearl
Pearl is the stone usually in oval and round shape has the property of Calcium generated in shell in the sea of coastal region by the sand partials..

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Gemstone - Ruby
Ruby is the stone brownish red in colour and this is the stone of Sun and Sun provides energy, intellect, dynamism, ruling capacity, top position...

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Yellow Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire known as Pukhraj has many varieties. It is yellow in colour. It should be thick, hard and crystal clear. Density should be good with sufficient water level.

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