Date : 01-01-2019 - 31-12-2019

This year will be on and average good period for you. The marketing people will have good progress. Your health will be up to the mark but you have to do frequent tours and travels related to your earning. But you have to be cautious while travelling in bus, train etc. Someone may cheat you and make conspiracy against you. Your money can be stolen and you have to be cautious with your assets. Health will be up to the mark. Sometimes financial loss will afflict your luck and future due to anti social elements. For working persons period is good. You will get promotions and you will get opportunity to go abroad on official tours. For business persons period is good. You will increase your business and expand your business premises. Gains and losses will run parallel but ultimately you will be in benefit. Married life will pass through misunderstanding. Some people will make difference among you due to gossips and giving false statements. For students period of good progress will be there. You will pass through tough competition but you will get success in your mission. Overall period will be good for you. People having love affairs, this Year will be good for them. There will be problem of ego, which leads to difference of opinion but love life will move in romantic way.

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