Date : 01-01-2019 - 31-12-2019

This is good year. Health will be upto the mark. Your job will be good. Sources of income will increase. Home life will be disturbed. You have to be cautious with thieves. Chances of robbery may occur. This is the period to fall in love with great passion. Long will prolong with passion but soon it will be break off too. Marriageable persons should be careful as settled marriage can be broken especially in the first half of the year. Source of income will be good by different means. You have to face tough circumstances during competition. You have to do hard work but results will not as per your desires. Persons, who are in job, will enjoy good period. Persons having business, first half will be stressful and problematic too. After January month it will improve. But you have to be careful throughout the year by shrewd and wicked people. They will make conspiracy against you. Financially you will be in sound position. Students have to pass through tough circumstances in your studies. You have to do hard work. Success in competition will not be as per your desire. From financial point of view this is good year.

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