Date : 10/1/2018 - 9/7/2018

Money & Career Horoscope


You need to be cautious about increasing your expenses too. Career would be positive this month. There will be higher luck and some amount of contact with overseas sources. Growth in career will come about now. Work environment could be disturbed and send some negative signals this month. A block in career due to a female colleague could be felt from the 14th November 2008. You need to avoid controversy in work environment after the 14th November 2008. If in business, the month would be low profile till the 16th November 2008. There would be a slow phase, although your activities and effort would be high. 17th November 2008 onwards luck would rise and it would bring in success from domestic as well as foreign sources. Gains would be good around the 7th November 2008. If in a job, this month would bring in some unexpected situations and a dip overall in the equation you enjoy in the work space. A certain amount of discontentment with job and superiors will be felt. You should avoid such negative thoughts. If working as a professional, this month will see very good results till the 13th November 2008. Level of luck would rise and there would be good progress till 13th November 2008. 14th November 2008 onwards there could be issues with progress in work as blocks could emerge in this area. Money matters would be positive. There would be good amount of gains this month. New avenues would open up for income. Mostly it is a positive month overall. Some monetary pressures could come up around 7th November 2008 and 26th November 2008. Investment would create some confusion in your mind. There would be difficult trends till the 15th November 2008 which would bring in some bad decisions also. It would be useful to avoid major investment decisions this month, especially till the 15th November 2008. Some old investments could bring unexpected results.


Love & Relationships Horoscope


Love life, for the unattached, would be quite positive this month. You will find a rise in your social life till the 13th November 2008. Sex appeal would be high too. 14th November 2008 a dip in opportunities could be felt. Love life, for those in a relationship, would be positive throughout. A positive and stable thought pattern will operate which would bring good amount of happiness in this area. Marriage matters, if married, would also be happy. A certain amount of volatility and fluctuations would be felt this month till the 18th November 2008. Second half of the month would be better than the first half of the month. At romantic front this month you would enjoy a lovely time. Do something innovative to bring more charm & enjoyment in affair. You simply need to channelise energy to manage a comfortable life. It is rather unfortunate on your part that till now you did not unleash and harness this to your benefit. It remained blocked in your body without any use. It is high time for you to allow all your blocked emotions to discover the various options you have which were neglected all this while. Better late than never.


Education & Travel Horoscope


Students must try to concentrate over their studies from the very beginning of the month otherwise they may have to face problems in their respective exams. Students of Biology, Geography, Political Science, Accounts, and Mathematics will find the month more rewarding if they will concentrate over their educational activities only. They should avoid much entertainment activities such as watching movies, sports and listening music.


Health & Fitness Horoscope


You achieve a bloom in your health on successfully recovering from illness. It is time for you to continue a nutritious diet and enjoy recreational activities to reap full benefits. At the same time dont neglect your health otherwise it could allow the problem relapsing.


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