Date : 01-01-2019 - 31-12-2019

For marriageable person this is good year. Marriage can be settled. This year will be year of ups and downs. You will be confused. You have to control your ego problem otherwise it will give you harm. First half will be full of struggle and second half will be good. Good year for love affairs. Love marriage can proceed. For students and person appearing for competition, this is good year as you will get success in your mission. Financially this is good year. Change in financial conditions will occur after June month. This year will be year of pleasure. But you have to bear expenses which will be problem for you. You have to take care while driving. Your sleep will be disturbed. Professionally this year will be good. There will be sudden change. During this year you will earn a lot. You will earn from all walks of life. During this year you will invest huge amount in your bank accounts. You will get unexpected gains from all spheres of life. But you have to be serious while speaking. Hard words will create problems for you. You will get permanent job. Health wise this is good year.


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