Date : 10/1/2018 - 8/3/2018

Money & Career Horoscope


New plans or iniatives planned now could experience some amount of pressures. Some unconventional thoughts could come up in work area. It is not advice able to pursue new avenues now, giving lower attention to your core work. Further your decision-making could be impaired and therefore it would be useful to avoid major decisions during this month too. Advice of people you trust would be useful. Career would be in a challenging phase, although some powerful trends will build up due to the level of contact with new people now. Domestic matters could be unsettled which could in turn create hurdles in work. You should avoid controversy with juniors around 7th November 2008 and 26th November 2008. If working as a professional, this month would be positive still. There will be new opportunities, although you might feel the pinch of competition too. Avoid bad comment on others as it could back fire on you around the 26th 0ctober 2008.  Family matters would be positive this month, but some harshness in speech could upset the situation. As long as you can control your speech, the family outlook would be good. There will be gains from family members till the 13th November 2008. Money matters would be positive mostly, except that the commitments and outflow of funds would be high. Further liquidly in money matters would be poor till the 15th November 2008.  Income would be good through. There will be gains due to your creative work after the 14th November 2008. If in a job, this month could see a dip in position and some amount of pressure in your relation with superiors. You could loose favor of people in authority after the 17th November 2008, if you are not cautious. This is a month to proceed cautiously.


Love & Relationships Horoscope


Love life, for those unattached, would be exciting and happy till the 13th November 2008. You will seem more attractive to others and have a higher level of sex appeal. Socially it is a busy time till the 13th November 2008. 14th November 2008 onward there would be more stable run in love matters. Love life, for those in relationship, will be positive throughout. It is a positive month. If married, a rise in passions as well as aggressions toward spouse would be felt. There could be lack of domestic peace overall but still it is a better month compared to the last month. Also avoid non-vegetarian food and alcohol to obtain financial blessing. Fix leaking taps to avoid loss of money. Second half of the month would be better than the first half of the month.


Education & Travel Horoscope



Students will find the month quite promising and encouraging. They will come out with flying colors in their respective exams. Science students and those who are in Biology group will take deep interest in studies. Many students who have Leo ascendant will fare well in competitions related with Medical such as PMT, CPMT etc.


Health & Fitness Horoscope


Health would be good mostly. Be cautious of stomach issues around the 7th November 2008. Some persons are likely to suffer from some stomach-related problems. Dont take any unnecessary tension and avoid junk food to get immediate relief.



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