Date : 9/26/2023 - 9/26/2023

You and your coworkers need to think many things. There are issues that still need resolution. It may be a good time for you to take the lead, but accept the first good idea to come along. You''ve got depths that hardly anyone realizes and today they''re making themselves known. It may be that you react strongly to a bit of morning news or that you pop up with a great answer later on. You''re at your best working with facts and figures and organization and today bring them to you at an angry pace. You should feel refreshed at first and gradually wear yourself out. Your mind is racing today, but that doesn''t mean that you can''t still take care of business. If you''re facing any big decisions, though, it ought to be tough for you to think through all the options. Past efforts to defend your name against the attack by sticking to your ethics will pave the way for benefit. Things begin to move in your favour as you find people supporting you. Make some efforts to keep the atmosphere around you buoyant. 


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