Date : 01-01-2019 - 31-12-2019

This year will be year of ups and downs. You have to do tours and travels on regular interval. You will be highly egoistic. You have to do religious tours and travels on short duration. You have to pass through tough competition in your life. Opponents will run parallel to disturb you. This Year will be period of confusion but good for gains. Health will be normal. You will enjoy your life. Professionally this Year will be good. There will be many chances to do progress and good gains for middleclass and higher class people and class 3 and class 4 will feel satisfactory. 30% people will feel depressed but they will overcome gradually. For Business person this year will be good. After doing hard work there will be success but they have to pass through tough competition. They have to face situation of borrowing money. Some shrewd and wicket people will create problems for you, they will give harm to you and you may be cheated by them. There will be hurdles in getting loans. Life will pass through phase of great confusions. For married people this Year will not be good. There will be doubts among each other due to suspicious things. Period will be not good. But harmony will be there.  For love affairs this period will not be good. There will be break ups and consistency will not be there. Some doubts will be part of your love life.

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