Date : 01-01-2019 - 31-12-2019

This year will be on an average. First half of the year will be good but burden of extra ordinary expenditure will be there. Your health will be good. You will become highly egoistic. This will give you harm. Most of the persons will choose MBA, marketing and commercial activities fields. You will be successful in your mission. Marriageable will get married. This is good year for love affairs. Your love marriage will be successful. Persons who are applying for competition hard work will be required. Some shrewd people will overtake and grasp your opportunities. Old people should be careful with your health. Sudden health problem may occur. You may be injured. Working people will improve in their profession. You will get promotion. You will enjoy life by doing pleasure tours and travels. For ladies Gynae problem may occur. Second half of the year you will get good financial gains. This is good period for job. Businessmen will get improvement in their business. Their progress will be slow but steady. Second half will be full of entertainment. For students this is good year for studies. You will clear your competitions. You will enjoy your student life.

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