Date : 01-01-2019 - 31-12-2019

Health will be good. Unexpected sudden problems will disturb your life. There will be hurdles in your work. You have to face court case problem and other property related problems. First half of this year will be stressful. You have to cautious with wicked people. They try to harm you. Property related problems will be lingered and long lengthy. Marriageable persons have to face problems in settlement of marriage. Marriage will proceed in first half of the year. Later on there are rare chases. For students this year will be good. From January you will concentrate in your studies. Your studies will be good. You will be able to clear your competition. For working persons, first half will be good.  Second half will be full of stress and sudden changes in the profession and gains. For businessmen this is good year. Your business will flourish. You will enjoy your life at fullest. Overall this year is good year.

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