Date : 9/19/2019 - 9/19/2019

You need to keep a distance from a greedy person at workplace. Chances are that he/she might misguide you. If possible, use your intuition to take any decision. Serious efforts on your part needed to attain a good physique. Be disciplined in eating habits by sticking to a fiber rich diet of salads, green vegetables and fresh fruits to give the body much-needed nutrition. At the same time keep exercising regularly to maintain the physique. Children make a demand on your time. If possible, try to spend your quality time with them. It will benefit all. Not a good day to lend loans. If possible defer the plan. You can even simply ignore as chances of losing the money are high. Even loan for a short period should not be given. If it urgently needed to be given mortgaging something as guarantee would be important. Although you are known for reserved and self-contained nature but it is time for you to realize the necessity of reaching out to people. Dont get disappointed if you immediately fail to succeed in your mission. However avoid forcing opinion on them. Your active and exploring nature will put you in a position to make a mark on them. Only thing needed on your part is an honest but to the point approach.


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