Date : 6/29/2022 - 6/29/2022

Sudden rise in stocks would bring unexpected gains. It will enable you to encash your long blocked money. Putting the money in some joint venture project would be the best deal for you. Be cautious while finalizing the deal as carelessness could bring some losses. Your ability to take risks would even impress the hardest of your critics. Chances are that it would help them besides sinking your differences. Marital tension could creep into lovely relationship forcing partners to think about taking an extreme step. However the good news is that timely your lovely/sensitive nature would prevent him/her to do so. Just make love partner realise that sometimes the road of life becomes unbearable and it looks easier to give up than go on but that is not a permanent solution. Love is a flower, which should always blossom. Therefore one should always look at the positive side of a problem.

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