Date : 9/29/2020 - 9/29/2020

You are likely to fulfill your dream to attain a sound physique. However to achieve this it is very essential for you to be a fitness freak. Further keep in mind that besides physical health you must make efforts to enhance your mental toughness. Emotional risk for the sake of family is likely to go in your favour. Avoid making life hard for yourself. You must let go of something that gives you sleepless nights. Your problems will end as suddenly as they arise. Need of the time is to understand them and avoid tension at all cost. Try to cooperate despite obstacles. This will enable to know people more intimately and also to make life easier for yourself. To ignite the passion and lift the mood of lover/beloved say all the things that make him/her blush and ears burn with excitement. Keep a control over your sensuous feelings and donít allow physical passion to come in relationship. You must ignore emotional blackmailing at work as they will hamper your career prospects. You can avoid this by keeping yourself busy in work. Youíre your decision independently but not under pressure of anyone.


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