Date : 4/1/2018 - 4/30/2018

Money & Career Horoscope


This month is not good for enhancing your career as well as monetary position. Do not be impulsive. You will be able to convert your ideas into constructive form. You will find out various sources of earning. Money will come from each and every direction. You will able to make a favorable pressure on others. Some solid results your business or career will be there. Job seekers may have excellent opportunities in foreign land. Industrialists may invest into new industries and possibility of expansion in business. Salaried class will get new opportunity for the job, which must be availed.  Growth in status and as well as financially shall be a great source of joy for you. New business associations are likely. You may plan you important business as well as professional announcements. There will be financial gains as you may find that old dues have started to be cleared. A job change or change in vocation is predicted for many of you. If you are looking for a change, a suitable position will add confidence to you. 



Love & Relationships Horoscope


Family atmosphere will be cordial. This month is going to provide positive and auspicious results.

Your cherished wishes may come to true. You will excel in your qualities more in the area of partnerships, understanding of old values and connections with the unknown lands or the unknown. You will take remarkable steps in implementing some of your ideas that will rapidly gain ground. But later in the month, bestow tensions and hindrances. You will not able to maintain cordial relations with your family members and other people. You should not take new or important decision during this period otherwise you may come into a trouble. 


Education & Travel Horoscope


Month will primarily be a period of spirituality for you. Studies in this domain are favored. It is also a good period for meditation. As regards traveling, there are no obstacles foreseen, nor special occasions, for that matter.


Health & Fitness Horoscope


Your health is generally good, but you''d better spare yourself. Don''t waste your energy away and rest more. You might experience strange moments, such as visions or premonitions, maybe even undergo a miraculous healing of a certain ailment. Sometimes it''s better to leave work, career and financial earnings aside and take better care of yourself, of your inner universe and peace and of the harmony with the others and the best moment is precisely when stars favor such a step and give you a respite from the other problems.

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